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Welcome to Country

Around and beyond this area, Country is looked after by Aboriginal traditional owners with which we’ve had a close and interconnected relations for a long time.

Nigel StewartByron Bay (originally called Cavanbah by Aboriginal people) has always been an important meeting place for the Arakwal, neighbouring clans and people of the Bundjalung nation, together with neighbouring tribes and clans make up part of the wider Bundjalung Nation.

This nation extends to Grafton and the mighty Clarence River in the south, up to Tween River and the Nerang River in southern Queensland, and out west towards the Great Diving Range.

The Bungjalung of Byron Bay – Arakwal Bumberlin people, have lived in the coastal landscape around the Byron area for at least 22,000 years. We are one of over 500 Aboriginal tribes that co-habited Australia before European occupation. We are the recognised Aboriginal Traditional Custodians of the Byron Bay district and we welcome everyone to experience our culture and explore country.

Delta KayOur ancestors have passed on traditions and cultural practices that are alive in us, their descendants, today. We retain a strong connection to our country, actively caring for and reconnecting our people to this place. We share our knowledge and culture with the wider community to help look after country.

We want everyone to respect, appreciate and value Arakwal Country. We invite you to stand with us to protect and support our values, understanding how we belong to Country, respecting and helping us care for Country.

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