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Why Byron is great for business – and why proactive employers should care

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If businesses only institute one change this year in terms of time management, it should be to strive for a better work-life balance – something most working people are not very good at.

According to the Centre for Future Work, Australians are putting in an amount of working hours that’s unhealthy for their mental and physical wellbeing. Many employees are burning the candle at both ends – something that could be quite detrimental for both employer and employee.

Overworked, tired and stressed employees are more likely to get ill, be less productive and even leave their jobs. As a result they suffer from health and financial burdens that come while the business must invest additional time and money in fixing these problems.

It’s a situation where nobody wins. Experts are recommending that businesses become more proactive about creating a more balanced working environment to grow and retain engaged and productive employees.

Job satisfaction goes beyond earning a decent pay check – studies by Princeton University have shown that happiness only increases with pay until a certain point before becoming meaningless.

One of the best ways that you can keep and retain employees is by actively investing in them in a way that adds value. This means offering them chances to educate themselves and better their skills in a meaningful and practical way and creating a business environment that encourages the right kind of values and culture.

One of the most effective ways you can do this is through employee conferences, incentives or training – one held in a different location to where your business is located.

By combining a change of scenery with a chance for employees to better themselves (whether you’re attending an independently held conference or hosting your own) you’re investing in their personal value – and this is important – in a relaxing, calm environment.

These days, conferencing and incentive options combining work and play are abundant – and more and more businesses are realising the impact it can have on their overall bottom line.

In fact, the coastal town of Byron has recently put into place unique, high quality conferencing facilities for this very purpose. And its new Byron Busines Events Bureau is a one-stop-shop to help you with creating a unique, signature event that your delegates will remember!

If any place in Australia could offer you a conference package that truly balances work and play, it would be Byron. With beachside activities and a thriving business hub co-existing peacefully, Byron can show you how it’s done.

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