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Why workplaces that don’t prioritise wellness are destined to lag behind

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How much does your business value wellness?

According to the Optum 7th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study (concerning workplace wellness in offices around the world) a respectable 60% of businesses say that they see the value in wellness.

But how many of these businesses are doing something about it? The results say that only a fifth of businesses achieve a culture of health. This means that the majority of employers understand why wellness is important, but fall short when it comes to implementation.

While some aspects of wellness like getting adequate sleep and eating healthier involve day to day choices (ones that businesses can encourage through limiting work hours and providing healthy snacks in the office) others require something a bit more drastic. It’s because it overlooks one crucial element – the environment.

Optum’s study explains that the “environment exerts strong unconscious influences on decision-making. All day long, our best intentions compete with environmental cues that nudge us in the wrong direction — unappealing stairwells, sedentary, desk-based jobs and comfort foods in the cafeteria.”

It emphasises that this also applies to travelling for conferences, workshops, seminars and other business events, with less than a fifth of businesses taking measures so do something about this.

A prime opportunity would be in the field of workplace conferencing and events.

Global trends regarding wellness indicate that many international businesses are choosing Australia as a top destination for wellness related corporate retreats and incentive programs. So it’s an excellent time for local businesses to start doing the same, and what better place to start than in our very own wellness capital – Byron?

For a long time the beachside region of Byron has held a reputation for being a place with a thriving wellness focus consisting of spas, health centres, yoga, healing, sporting events and other related activities. It uniquely combines a stunning rainforest coastline with great surfing and swimming spots, making it a place people want to go to relax and unwind.

Recently, with new state of the art conferencing facilities in Byron, the region is able to easily offer wellness in a business setting – for conferencing, incentives and events. Byron is the perfect place for workplaces to send their staff members for training and education AND with a focus on wellness and self-care.

The Byron Bay Business Events Bureau has just launched as a dedicated one-stop-shop for businesses to help with planning these sorts of events.

So if you want to make this year the year your business goes the extra mile in facilitating wellness for your team, Byron is the perfect place to start.

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